I saw Sugih leaving his house.

Sigurd didn't want to leave empty-handed.

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It was a harrowing experience.

I like light shoes.

OK, let's do this.

Do you want that warmed up?

We should be paying attention.

Even idiots can give good advice.

They used data from over ten thousand different books to compile their corpus.

It's crawling with spiders.

That is really good news.

I don't know what to eat for dinner.

Amigo sent money to Ric to help her pay for school expenses.

They have no respect for authority.

We can not follow the latest topics without reading a newspaper every day.


Harry is charismatic.

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Let them help you.


Don't you think that's a bit weird?


We don't care how much water you use.

I don't really like her.

He wants her to go away and leave him in peace.

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Are you hurt?


Who can guarantee his success?

I don't recognize them.

I entreat your pardon.

We'll take lunch at noon.

The town is supplied with water from a reservoir in the hills.

Don't walk away from him.

She left the kitchen with the kettle boiling.

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I just found Nicolas. He's dead.

Her plan seems to be better than mine.

Mick sang with Omar.

Let's find sentences with new vocabulary on this topic, add them to the following list: _____; and translate them.

All the nurses of this hospital are very kind.

Jim tried to impress the young lady.

I want to overcome the yesterday's number of sentences!

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Walter needs to tell Philippe the truth.

I run before breakfast every morning.

He's not eating right. I think he's sick.

Does Perry want something?

We'll talk about this later.


Don't tell him about the party.

Whose textbook is this?

Irvin may one day be the boss.

The first lesson is a taster.

The military engaged the enemy five kilometers south of the capital.

I am glad to have helped you last week.

Why don't you go alone?

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I hope I didn't interrupt you.

Josip thinks his leg is broken.

You need us.

Well, how about some fried nails? I asked, how about some fried nails, eh?

The biggest defeat for an atheist is ending up in paradise.

There are many craters on the moon.

Everytime I look at him, he smiles.

You're welcome to move back to Boston.

I can look at that if you like.


The social structure is not much different.

At best he'll get 1,000 votes.

They didn't get along.


I just hope Spudboy takes me with him.

I don't need your opinions.

Rik has done it already.


This bird is called a seagull.

Seriously though, episode 21 made me almost cry while laughing.

I don't think we have any choice.

He never wears a tie.

That suits me.

I didn't expect to meet you.

Things are coming together.

I saw Pandora flirt with my wife.

Why do you study?

She has had to stay here.

I'll tell everyone what you did.

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I am sure that she will never forgive me.

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Let me help you with your baggage.

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That's where I'll be.

What did you come in here for?

However, I think that before making the decision to arrange an international wedding, one should weigh the considerations for and against, and be prepared for the additional challenges that generally occur in the lives of the family members.

One thing that won't change is how much I love you.

My French is still not very good.

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How is your father?

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Jim went back to London for the purpose of seeing her.

Joe kissed Jeannie tenderly.

Never rely too much upon others.

That's not appropriate here.

Nora cut the rope.

You are not eating anything.

The chicken is a bit too dry.


I don't know what's gotten into Phil.


Japan is surpassing China in economic power.

We did not think her loud dress was appropriate for the time and place.

When did you buy that from him?

He was sitting there.

I want to kill them.


The lady's name is Sue.

My mother used to be into tennis.

Craig is a freelance writer.

He put his hands in his pockets.

The old man was taken in by a salesman.

He stayed in New York for three weeks.

She tried to get up, but the pain was too great.

Philae landed and then bounced for 2 hours before landing again.

I am the biggest loser in the world.

The day before Thanksgiving, the supermarkets are full to bursting.

Marilyn is also a vegetarian.

I'll be back as soon as I can.

Your shoes are muddy.

Please don't sign the contract.

I was there this morning.


Do you know where in Spain Toledo is?

The meeting was cancelled.

Send us lots of pictures!


They were sitting on the grass.

I am glad when I speak Quechua.

He only listens to rock bands from the fifties.

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You should've asked them first.

I accept this proposal.

I dried my face.

Our dog has been poisoned.

Guns don't kill people, people with guns do.


They handcuffed Teresa.


I live a totally normal life.

I grew up eating Japanese food.

Ok. I knuckle down.

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I should've gone to yesterday's meeting.


She was advised by him to go abroad while she was still young.

Dorian must be punished for what he did.

Kathleen is pretty irresponsible.

I realized too late that I needed Calvin's help.

Kamiya looked grouchy, so Alex didn't approach him.

Nobody answered.

Wouldn't you like to eat?

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Don't lie to yourself.

The gentleman was standing in front of the bank.

It was so cold yesterday that I stayed home.

Nobody called you.

I should've just given Kikki what he wanted.

The child is drinking some milk.

My cholesterol levels are high.

Is this a bad sign?

All were invited but me.

He spared no pains to help me.

Don't tell him. He's got a loose tongue.

Gail always thinks he's right.

How do you like my new suit?

Why don't you try one of these?

The Air Force has the control of the airspace.

Kenn and I aren't friends. We're just coworkers.

He ushered me to the hall.


Nelken isn't that much taller than Pete.


Have some coffee. I think it's really nice.

Democracy is an idea that goes back to the ancient Greeks.

Go get him a blanket.


Raul accused me of having stolen his watch.


Will you stop it already!

You can tell her.

If there's anything we can do, just call.


I knew List wasn't dead.

My father told me not to read book while on bed.

He used every chance to practice English.

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I don't think about that.

Give me your book.

Everyone wondered who it could be.